Programs and Projects

Inclusive Innovation Research and Engagement Program

Leadership of the Inclusive Innovation Research Cluster at the ISSP
Co-leadership of the Telfer Globalization, Governance, and Sustainability Area of Strategic Impact
Inclusive Innovation Hub
National Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Implementing Smart Cities Interventions to Build Healthy Cities

New Social Contract

Rethinking the Social Contract for Science Policy (PI)

Past Projects

Living Lab 2020-2021

  • SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant (CO-I)      
  • Living Within the Earth’s Carrying Capacity: What are the knowledge gaps for evaluating the social impacts and effectiveness of “Living Labs” focused on environmental and agricultural sustainability?
  • $50,000

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada  

  • 2017 – 2017                   
  • Options for S&T collaboration metrics (PI)             
  • $11,500

Inclusive Entrepreneurship

  • Project 1: 2017 – 2017       
  • Kauffman Foundation   
  • Measuring Women’s Leadership in Venture Capital Fund Portfolios  (Co-PI)               
  • $91,800
  • Project 2: 2016 – 2016       
  • Kauffman Foundation   
  • Measuring Women’s Leadership in Venture Capital Fund Portfolios   (Co-I)  
  • $27,000

Knowledge translation

  • 2012 – 2015       
  • BioFuelNet Canada        
  • Positioning biofuel R&D for enhanced use in policy, regulation, practice and commercialization (with Prof. Pries, U Guelph)  (Co-PI)  
  • $75,000

Data and Analytics Research and Engagement Program


SSHRC Partnership Grant
Partnership for the Organization of Innovation and New Technologies

FCI Canada

Protein Industries Supercluster (Co-I)      

Food Convergence and Integrity Canada; partners: PIC Supercluster, Bivizio, CTAQ (PI)             

Small and Medium Enterprises in a Covid19 context: Ecosystem business intelligence for increased resilience; partner: Bivizio (PI)        

Past Projects

Assessing the Readiness of Canadian Small- and Medium- Sized Enterprises to Leverage Big Data Analytics

  • 2017 – 2021
  • SSHRC Insight Grant (CO-I)
  • $119,000

Big Data Analytics: Accelerating Innovation and Value Creation

  • 2017 – 2018
  • SSHRC – Synthesis Grant (CO-I)
  • $25,000

New innovation indicators – integrating survey methodology with web-based data analytics

  • 2016 – 2018
  • SSHRC Insight Development Grant (PI)
  • $67,050


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If you are interested in having Prof. Sandra Schillo speak at an event, please email


Schillo, R.S., 2019“Agricultural Innovation Impact”, Innovations Conference, Poultry Industry Council, London, Ontario, November 21st
Schillo, R.S., 2018“Linking Web-Scraped Data with Statistics Canada Datasets“, Discussion Session: New Data Opportunities for Linked Environment-Economy-Innovation Research, Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network Research Symposium, Ottawa, ON, March
Schillo, R.S., 2017“Inclusive Innovation“, Invited presentation at the Africa-Europe Dialogue Symposium on Innovation for Sustainable Development, Pretoria, South Africa, December
Schillo, R.S., 2016“Open Science“, Keynote delivered at Agricultural Institute of Canada conference on Disseminating Agricultural Research, Ottawa, ON, April
Schillo, R.S., 2016Invited participant in Treasury Board workshop on open science, Ottawa, ON
Schillo, R.S., 2016Presentation delivered at Statistics Canada workshop
Schillo, R.S., 2015Presentation delivered to Industry Canada (with Prof. Persaud)