Beyond Diversity and Inclusion:

Inclusive Innovation

Sandra’s Tedx Kanata Talk

Communities and companies alike want innovation to be more inclusive.
But how can we achieve this? How can we be more inclusive? What works at the project level? What can be done to achieve System-level Inclusiveness?
Join our emerging community to co-create the answers …

Our team is contributing to the creation of NIWEE, an insipiring initiative of NIWEE provides a supportive start-up environment for aspiring Indigenous Women to start their businesses.
Follow its progress at and contact us there to become involved.

The program focuses on training a new generation of researchers in health, social sciences, humanities, engineering and natural sciences to find ways to improve the health, livability and resilience of Canadian cities.

Digital transformations across all sectors are changing the nature and measurement of innovation rapidly. This SSHRC Partnership Grant brings together leading Canadian and International innovation researchers, as well as industry and policy leaders to advance knowledge about innovation and its measurement.

Inspired through leadership of the McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics and the Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec, supported by funding from the Protein Industries Supercluster and kicked off with a large MITACS grant led by our team, we are building a digital platform with the Food and Beverage Associations across Canada.

Science and innovation have brought huge benefits to society but we know that they often raise challenges as well. The public struggles to keep pace with the disruptions of newly emerging technologies. With the decline of trust, there are worrying signs of a public unsure about the value and authority of science in their everyday lives. There is a growing disconnect between what the public increasingly sees as unapproachable, elitist institutions and what scientists see as a lack of public appreciation for the modes and merit of their work.[1]

The growing public understanding of the importance of diversity and the desire for reconciliation with Indigenous people are also considerations. Scientific information is disseminated to people by people. Therefore, we must consider who makes up the scientific community, what challenges they take on, and what science is left undone. 



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