Students are at the core of our research and collaborations.
We have a diverse team, with students from a broad range of programs, faculties and even universities and even a college. Prof. Schillo officially supervises in the Telfer School of Management’s MSc and PhD programs in Management, as well as the M.SC. and PhD in Digital Transformation and Innovation, and the M.Sc program at the Institute of the Environment. She also regularly co-supervises computer science thesis and project masters students, and works with many undergraduate students, coop-students, research assistants and student volunteers at all levels.

Current Team

Louise EarlISSP Senior Fellow
Parag PuriMSc Management, uOttawa
Sonia VinogradovaMSc candidate, Environmental Sustainability, uOttawa
Mina JahaniPhD candidate, Telfer School of Management, uOttawa
Valeriia KolesnykMSc candidate, Digital Transformation and Innovation, uOttawa
Sajad BahramianMSc candidate, Telfer School of Management, uOttawa

Past Team Members

Adam MaaroufiBSc Software Engineering, uOttawa
Junhong ChenBSc Computer Science and Economics, uOttawa
Matthew Alexander MartinezHBa candidate, Psychology and Entrepreneurship, uOttawa
Mohammadreza SeifollahiPhD Digital Transformation and Innovation, uOttawa
Hassan Pourmehdi EbrahimiPhD Digital Transformation and Innovation, uOttawa
Ye ZhuMSc Digital Transformation and Innovation, uOttawa
Haoyu ZhangMaster Computer Science, Université de Montreal
Zhijie YangMaster Digital Transformation and Innovation, uOttawa
Keerthana Nallamari DevanandMaster Computer Science, uOttawa
Avrinder KaurMaster Digital Transformation and Innovation, uOttawa
Marilyne CiccionePhD candidate, UQAM
Caiyi ZhaoMSc Management, uOttawa
Hamza El KadiriuOttawa
Yihui XuBE, Computer Science, uOttawa
Mayssa Ben LakhouaBCom, uOttawa
Zoe Chapman
Yang YangMasters Computer Science, Université de Montreal
Erica KaoMasters in Nutrition, McGill
Julia OrtizDawson College
Jay MurphyDawson College
Tristan HamerDawson College
Taowa RosetwigDawson College
Yasamin AbbaszadeganMaster Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Ryerson
Xintong LiBSc Statistics and Computer Science, McGill
Xiaoyu Zhang
Ambika Gandhi
Ana Sanson Rosas
Yuqing HeMSc Management, uOttawa
Chen LiMSc Management, uOttawa
Die JinMSc, Computer Science, uOttawa
Youssef ChahdourauOttawa
Abisola SanniMaster Electronic Business Technology, uOttawa
Opeyemi Deborah SogelolauOttawa
Darshan SurendrauOttawa
Tarundeep SinghMaster Computer Science, uOttawa
Surya VijapuuMaster Computer Science, uOttawa
Shu WangMSc Management, uOttawa
Meng JinMSc Management, uOttawa
Dara Al-Mashuk KhanMaster Electronic Business Technologies, uOttawa
Priscilla OkakwuMSc Electronic Business Technologies, uOttawa
Shihab AhmedMSc Electronic Business Technologies, uOttawa
Iona-Smarandita ArboneMSc Health Systems, uOttawa
Filipus Kurniawan TjongBCom, uOttawa
Nick (Runhe) WangBCom, uOttawa
Abtin ShakibaMSc Systems Science, uOttawa
Enas AlhassanMSc Systems Science, uOttawa
Nissar ShaikMBA, uOttawa
Mimosa Xiao ZhaoMSc Management, uOttawa

Prospective Students

We welcome new students on an ongoing basis, but we do not always have funding or positions for incoming students available. If you are interested in joining the team, please clearly identify how you would like to contribute to the work. Would you like to volunteer, do a project for your degree requirements, or join as a funded student (note: the funding provided through the University of Ottawa comes, in part from the supervisors)? What project or line of research (see publications and projects) would you like to contribute to? If applicable, please specify which program you are applying for and what the time lines are. Please send this information to, put “I would like to join the team” in the subject line and attach your current CV.